New Port Richey, Florida -- Isaac didn't pack the punch for Tampa Bay on Monday, but Pasco County is all too familiar with storms.

Back in June, Tropical Storm Debby submerged things around here, and for that reason one family that 10 News spoke with said cancelling school was a good idea.

11-year-old Noah Baccille and his 10-year-old sister Veronica got to bounce away from the books Monday when their school called off class.

"We were scared it was gonna come right up on us," says Noah.

Even though it looks quiet now, people at the Pasco Emergency Operation Center spent some tense moments making decisions Sundaynight into Monday morning.

The area is still dealing with water troubles from Tropical Storm Debby.

"The primary concern was wet weather," says Public Communications Manager EricKeaton."We're saturated and don't need any more water."

"We got a lot of water here, flooded out," says parent Anthony Baccile. "Almost had to leave our home."

With those memories of Debby and a dried out driveway, Baccile thinks the schools did the right thing by closing on Monday.

"I think it was a good decision. We were watching, so trying to play it safe."

We tried to contact the Pasco School Board several times but in all fairness, they have the day off too. One other Pasco note to mention: the EOC says they did evacuate 17 special needs people and three dogs.They have all since gone back home and they're OK.

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