St. Petersburg, Florida -- Shopping the grocery aisle with your kids may get rougher for parents and grandparents because your toddlers and young kids may be asking for the junk food they find in some smartphone games.

Marketers are now even bypassing the Saturday morning cartoons and targeting your kids withapps featuring sweets and snacks like Jello Jiggle It, Icee Maker, SuperPretzel Factory and Cookie Dough Bites Factory.

If you think your kids are too young to play on a smartphone, just know that the Wall Street Journal found the average age was 7 for the first time a child used a smartphone. Moms have mixed feelings about allowing their kids to play with the technology.

Smartphone apps are an unregulated way for brands to market to your kid or grandchild. BallywhoSocial CEO Elissa Nauful says parents should pre-screen before downloading an app for your child.She says there aresome alternatives to the junk food-centered appslike the free app Family Cart which will engage your child while you're grocery shopping. The free app Awesome Eats allows your child to stack and sort fuits and veggies to score points and get healthy eating tips. Parents can get a parental control smartphone app.

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