Hello Joe Bucs Fan!

On Sunday, it's the second chapter of the Bucs' Tour de NFC East,and we can only hope the Dallas game is as entertaining as the New York Giants game.

To me, the most interesting thing to see will be the end of the game,and whether either team takes a knee.

If the Bucs are ahead and Josh Freeman takes a knee, will the Cowboys come after him and the offensive linemen? True, they didn't have anything to do with last week, but will the Cowboys side with the Giants on this one?

Or if the Cowboys are ahead and Tony Romo takes a knee, will Greg Schiano order his defensive line to come after the Cowboys, and try to force a fumble?

Schiano has opened a whole lot of possibilities with his aggressive call last week.How will the rest of the league respond?

Probably of bigger import, is how the Bucs' defense responds to last week's Giant onslaught? Will the defensive backs recover? Will the Bucs and DC Bill Sheridan adjust the blitz package? Like the quarterbacks the Bucs have faced the first two weeks, Tony Romo is among the best;he's carved them up before.

And If you want to look ahead, Robert Griffin the third is coming to Tampa next week.

I'm Dave Wirth,and I'll see you at the game.

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