Clearwater, FL-- They come carrying bibles and cards.They come in sorrow.

The wake for Dawn Brown and her two sons Zander and Zayden brings family and friends coming to pay their respects to three lives tragically lost.

At the center of the grief is Murphy Brown, Dawn's husband and father of the two boys.

"What Dawn was feeling was from her troubled past. She couldn't get over it, and it affected her life," said Brown.

Murphy says Dawn wasn't well, and hadn't been for a long time. She couldn't shut out her past. Her depression drove her to drown her sons and then hang herself in their Clearwater home- ending the pain.

"Dawn was in pain.She was ill.She didn't do anything wrong. She needed help and understanding."

The wake lasted an hour.The congregation then left New Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church in St. Pete- Murphy carrying small stuffed animals in memory of his sons.

There are hugs and prayers, and those in attendance wanted 10 News to let people know that depression kills.

As the coffins are loaded into the hearse, Murphy says good bye to his friends and family.He has let go of his anger, come to terms with the tragedy of losing his family, and has a message for everyone who is dealing with depression.

"Depression is real, look for the signs, and get help sooner than later."

As of now, the Brown family only has $1000 of the $3100 needed for a proper burial. Click here to make a donation.

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