Tampa, FL - Neighbors suspected there was some level of neglect from a mother, but never expected what Tampa police are accusing the woman of.

Authorities Thursday arrested 34-year-old Anjenette Lopez and charged her in the death of her son. They said Lopez did not get her baby the help he needed for his injuries.

Detectives said Lopez's one year old son, Jayden Sarria, got a severe skull fracture while in Lopez's care, September 20. This happened at her apartment along the 2100 block of Cool Springs Road.

Initially Lopez told police her son fell in the bathtub. According to authorities, the baby ended up at St. Joseph's Hospital a week later, and died days after that.

The medical examiner ruled it a homicide as a result of blunt impact to the head.

A neighbor who has lived right next to Lopez for about a year, said on at least one occasion, Lopez did leave her children home alone. She adds, Lopez has a total of four.

The neighbor, Georgia Prieto, said Baby Jayden was just learning to walk, was very cute, and friendly.

Lopez has been charged with aggravated manslaughter. Police said this is still an active investigation.

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