St. Petersburg, Florida - So how do you know what the candidates are saying is true? We're keeping them honest.

10 News reporter Allison Kropff teams up with PolitiFact Florida to fact-check the VP hopefuls' statements from Thursday night's debate.

We also talked to Aaron Sharockman with PolitiFact Florida about why we're seeing so many "half true,""mostly false" or "mostly true" statements rather than a hard "true" or "false."

While arguing whether the stimulus was worth the hundreds of billions that it cost the government, Paul Ryan said, "Was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electric cars in Finland, or on windmills in China?"

PolitiFact Florida rates this claim, MOSTLY FALSE.

While discussing Medicare, Vice President Joe Biden attacked the Republican ticket's proposal for Medicare, saying Romney and Ryan would "eliminate the guarantee of Medicare."

PolitiFact Florida rates this claim, HALF TRUE.

Paul Ryan said this about unemployment: "They passed the stimulus. The idea that we could borrow $831 billion, spend it on all of these special interest groups, and that it would work out just fine, that unemployment would never get to 8%-- it went up above 8 percent for 43 months. They said that, right now, if we just passed this stimulus, the economy would grow at 4 percent. It's growing at 1.3."

PolitiFact Florida checked the claim that Obama promised that unemployment would never go under 8%. That rates MOSTLY FALSE.

On national security and the war in Iraq, Biden said this, "On Iraq, the President said he would end the war. Gov. Romney said that was a tragic mistake, we should have left 30,000 -- he ended it. Gov. Romney said that was a tragic mistake, we should have left 30,000 troops there."

PolitiFact Florida rates this claim HALF TRUE.

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