CLEARWATER, Florida - Even during the day, a boarded up mansion on Ridgewood Street in Clearwater is like a scene out of a scary movie. The home has been abandoned for years.

"It's completely overgrown," says Allie Lyon who lives down the street. She fears the property has become a breeding ground for all kinds of animals including a pack of coyotes.

Photo Gallery:Coyote taken over empty mansion?

"We have a 5 foot lizard which is very aggressive species... living on that property. We've had lots of rat problems; rats going through the neighborhood and going through our homes and yards. And now the coyotes are coming out in broad daylight and being in our front yards," says Lyon. "It's very scary."

Those coyotes are what have everyone most concerned. One neighbor snapped several photos after one came out in the middle of the day Thursday.

"For some reason that coyote keeps going towards her house," said Sema VanBomel of her neighbor's yard. "It's like trying to get over the fence."

"It's a concern for me because I have a three year old and a two year old," said Lyon. "A coyote, they can attack small children. It's a concern for us being out trick or treating on Halloween and this neighborhood has a lot of children in it."

Some neighbors have even reported seeing what they believe are coyote pups coming from the property. Some say it might be time for code enforcement to step in.

"I know they're coming from there. I've seen there come in and out of there, day and night," said Tom Byrnes.

The property appears to be the perfect hiding spot for all types of critters. Before sunset, we spotted what might have been the tail ofthat giant lizard. We didn't stick around to see what might come out after dark but neighbors assure us coyotes are in the area. They worry it's just a matter of time before someone's pet, or worse yet, a child is attacked.

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