ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Following complaints of confusing precinct changes, 10 News looked into why some voters still didn't know where they were supposed to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.

Local supervisors of elections tell 10 News that they are required by law to mail new voting cards, sample ballots, and precinct information to all voters following the once-a-decade redistricting. And while some voters may not recall receiving the information by mail, most will vote at the same polling place as they did four years ago.

In Pinellas County, Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark reports only 20% of the county's voters were "re-precincted"this year, and the county was able to reduce polling places from 238 to 234.

In Pasco County, Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley says simpler Congressional and legislative districts helped his staff reduce polling places from 123 to 108, while keeping 85% of voters in the samelocation.

Hillsborough County didn't have numbers immediately available.

All local elections offices are stressing the importance of updating your address to avoid confusion and delays when you go to the polls. They also suggest requesting a ballot by mail, which voters can do until Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 5 p.m.

10 News has made the information readily-available:

CitrusCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
HardeeCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
HernandoCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
HighlandsCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
Hillsborough Co.Find your precinctUpdate your address
ManateeCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
PascoCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
PinellasCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
PolkCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address
SarasotaCo.Find your precinctUpdate your address

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