LEALMAN, Florida -- Twelve suspects were arrested Wednesday on multiple drug related charges in a 4-month long investigation called "Operation Blue Crush."

The suspects were arrested on charges ranging from sale and possession of illicit drugs such as cocaine to sale, possession, and trafficking in several commonly abused prescription drugs like oxycodone and hydromorphone.

Narcotics detectives say they were able to develop this case through information and complains received from the community about drug activity in the area.

The 12 suspects arrested tonight were:

  • Frank Bomba DOB: 11/25/1983
  • Deborah Bomba DOB: 02/20/1956
  • Nancy Cobb DOB: 12/25/1958 (previously arrested)
  • Craig Coleman DOB: 04/29/1959
  • Kathy Dixon DOB: 08/21/1961 (previously arrested)
  • Ashley Duffy DOB: 01/19/1989 (previously arrested)
  • Robert Hanssen DOB: 04/18/1973
  • Nancy Manfredonia DOB:04/21/1957
  • Elizabeth Stenov DOB: 08/12/1981 (previously arrested)
  • Peggy Thompson DOB: 07/22/1955
  • Christopher Trommater DOB:09/19/1987
  • Suzanne Vizenor DOB: 03/24/1976

Authorities say more suspects not arrested during the round-up will be sought in the days to come.

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