Winter Haven, Florida -- The Polk County Sheriff's Office have arrested a Massachusetts man they said was soliciting two Polk County teens online.

On Wednesday, investigators arrested 41-year-old Anthony "Tony" DeSilva from his parents' house in Acushnet.

Sheriff Grady Judd said the investigation started in July after a 16-year-old told his mother about a man on Facebook who was asking him for pictures. The mother notified the Polk County Sheriff's Office, and detectives were given permission to pose as the teen and chat online with DeSilva.

The mother also told detectives a bit later that DeSilva had contacted one of her son's friends on Facebook. Authorities also ended up posing as that teen and chatting with DeSilva.

According to Sheriff Judd, DeSilva thought he was chatting with the teen boys, but was talking to undercover detectives. The conversations started on Facebook, then went to email and texts. Investigators said DeSilva even sent a nude picture of himself.

"He also encouraged the kids to send nude pictures of themselves, and he told them in explicit, graphic detail what he wanted to do with them, and what he wanted to do to them," said Sheriff Grady Judd.

In an email exchange from the arrest report, DeSilva allegedly tried to get who he thinks is a 16-year-old teen to send him a picture.

"Chest. Along with compete front bod view and back view," he writes.

"Chest n front with like... clothes on? Not sure how I would do the back lol," writes the undercover detective.

"None on. And use mirror for back," DeSilva responds.

Detectives said DeSilva admitted to chatting with the "teen boys".

He is owner and coach of the Massachusetts Maple Leafs Junior Hockey Team, with players age 20 and younger. Sheriff Judd believes there are other victims and wants them to step forward, to keep DeSilva behind bars.

"He chased these two boys over this Facebook too hard. He's chased other children that we don't know about," said Sheriff Judd.

DeSilva is expected to be brought to Polk County Friday, where we're told he will go straight to the jail. He faces 10 counts of Use of Computer to Seduce a Child and one count of Transmission of Material Harmful to a Child.

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