St. Petersburg, Florida -- If you're not one of those people already in line for Black Friday bargains, don't worry. Here are some"secrets" that could still save you lots of time and money.

Take it from Theresa Tomlinson. She and her sisters have been doing Black Friday in St. Pete for years now.

Secret number one,says Theresa: have a plan, and work it... or get eaten alive.

"Oh, it's very important," she says. "Have a store list, item list, check your deals that are going on."

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Also hunt in packs; one person stands at the check-out line while othersgrab the goods.

That way you spend less time waiting, and have more time to head to the next store.

That's similar to Andrew Beyer's strategy. His plan, as he stands outside Best Buy near Tyrone Square Mall, is to getvouchers for the products he wants, then move on.

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"Head over to Walmart, hit the midnight sale over there. After I'm done with Walmart, head over to Sam's Club before they open at 5 o'clock. Hit my 5 o'clock there. As long as I'm back before noon, I got all my products," says Beyer.

Once inside the store, use maps --which you can often print online --that show you where the doorbusters can be found.

For example at a Walmart in Tampa, the Xbox 360 deal will won't be found in the electronics department. It'll be found in the food section.

It's a similar set-up for the big-screen TV's at Target in St. Pete, where they're stacking them high in the men's clothing department. Why?

"It's just because there's not enough room in electronics, especially for larger televisions.So we do have more room on the actual sales floor," says Sandra Vannatter.

Bring inprinted ads for price matches, but be warned not all stores will match all competitors' Black Friday deals.

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And some advice more than a secret from real Black Friday veterans is you mustremember to stay fed and hydrated.

Like a marathoner, you have to have enough energy if you intend to go the distance.

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