CARROLLWOOD, Florida -- Turn yourradio to88.3 andenjoy a display as bright as can be!

It's Christmas in Carrollwood, at 11048 Streamside Dr., with synchronized lights attracting hundreds of visitors full of delight.

Cars roll by packed with wide eyes, Santa is coming, just look to the skies.

Not far away, another display, Santa and his reindeer jolly and gay.With a flash and a bang, and some dancing to impress, little Julia shows up in her princess dress.

It's a magic wonderland, no place to be crabby. Just ask Troy and his date, Abby.

Joe Ayo is the creator of this festive place, 18 years strong, pride in his face.

Seventy-thousand lights flicker and dance here, filling mom, dad and the kids with holiday cheer.Little faces spark with wonder and glee,dressed in their best. It's a Tampa tradition they come here to see.

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