TAMPA, Fla. - From the very first 10 a.m. showing at the West Shore 14 to the afternoon matinees atWesley Chapel's Cobb16, the pews werepackedChristmas Day at movie theaters all across Tampa Bay.

Each year, it seemsHollywood is launching more and more blockbusters on Christmas Day,and Americans are responding by increasingly making a movie part of their holiday tradition.

This year, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, and Parental Guidance are among the biggest Dec. 25 releases, but other much-anticipated movies such as Jack Reacher, This is 40, The Hobbit, and The Guilt Trip came out just before the holiday.

Although Django and Les Mis claimed Golden Globe nods, critics haven't been in agreement on any of this fall's blockbusters.

Django has received the most critical acclaim, averaging 89 percentpositive reviews from critics, according, and an 80-point weighted average from

Les Mis scored 71 percenton RottonTomatoes and 61 points on Metacritic. Parental Guidance scored a 16 percenton RottonTomatoes and 31 points on Metacritic.

Jack Reacher scored 60 percent on RottonTomatoes and 49 points on This is 40 scored a 50 percenton RottonTomatoes and 58 points on Metacritic.

The Hobbit scored 65 percenton RottonTomatoes and 58 points on Metacritic. The Guilt Trip scored a 37 percenton RottonTomatoes and 51 points on Metacritic.

The top-grossing single Christmas Day haulsinclude:

  1. 2009 - Sherlock Holmes ($25M)
  2. 2009 - Avatar ($23M)
  3. 2004- Meet the Fockers ($20M)
  4. 2010- Little Fockers ($15M)
  5. 2008- Marley & Me ($14M)
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