Tampa, FL-- Less than 48 hours after accepting the offer of Wide Receivers coach at USF, Robert Weiner changed his mind and decided to stay at Plant HS.

"If you asked 100 high school coaches, probably 100 would say, if they were offered the same position I was offered, they would run with it," Weiner told an afternoon news conference at the Plant HS Fieldhouse. "With the chance of advancement, and maybe with the dream of being a college head coach one day. Although it was intrigueing to me, it's never been my dream... I'm not wired that way."

Weiner said herealized late Monday and Tuesday, that his place was at Plant High, where he's been the head football coach for 9 seasons.

"I decided I fulfilled that dream every single day," said Weiner. "That my place of happiness... where I find joy and happiness... what gets me up every single day with passion and energy and enthusiasm, is to come work with our guys at Plant."

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