Clearwater, Florida -- Clearwater Police, along with the Pinellas County Humane Society and FWC officials, are currently removing dozens of animals found at a home on Brewton Court.

Police say a complaint led police to the home and when they arrived with code enforcement officers, they found dozens of animals including 22 birds, such as chickens, roosters and pheasant; a pig;a caged alligator; and 21 various kinds of turtles swimming around in the home's pool. The fowl were reportedly living in a fenced area next to a pond.

Photo Gallery:Dozens of animals seized from Clearwater home

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Police say the animals were not kept in good conditions and were not in good health. They lacked access to food and water and their cages were too small and were unsanitary.

The owners of the home, Victor and Julie Wu, have been arrested and will face animal abuse charges and and a misdemeanor charge for possession of an American Alligator.

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