Tampa, Florida -- Planning on hosting a party this Super Bowl weekend? A word of warning!

You may be responsible for the trouble your drunk or disorderly guests get into, even after they leave your home.

While there's nothing wrong with having a good time, the one who's hosting a party has big responsibilities that don't end with making sure there's enough chips and salsa to go around.

Tina Gurskey and her brother Charles were among those stocking up for the weekend on Friday.They've got super party plans for the Super Bowl.

"We're pretty experienced at it, ha ha ha! Life is short. Have fun," said Tina.

But there's a warning this year from Highway Safety officials that you can also be super libel if one or more of your party guests gets drunk and ends up harming themselves or someone else.

"That liability can come back on you, the homeowner," says Clearwater DUI attorney Kevin Hayslett.

Hosting a party, he says, comes with risk and responsibility.The laws are not as tough as they are on restaurants and bars, and even less-so if it's BYOB, he says.

But if minors or even adults leave your party who are clearly drunk "and you take no action...potentially you have civil liability and in some situations depending upon the age of that person, potentially criminal liability,"saysHayslett.

And it's not just DUI. There are other potential hosting hazards as well.

"You're gonna be responsible," says Tampa attorney Christian Denmon.Denmon recommends keeping the crowd small and know your guests.

Any trouble like a fight or a fall on your property can be your liability, "So be careful and just recognize that you're responsible for everybody that comes to your party," he says.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends party hosts make sure their guests have designated drivers, and that you serve food and non-alcoholic options.

Also like stadiums, stop serving booze after the third quarter.And have towing and taxi-cab numbers handy, just in case. After all, the object may be "to have fun, but you still gotta be safe," said NorbielFelipe, stocking-up for the weekend as well.

Between now and the end of Super Bowl weekend, AAA and Bud Light are offering a free program that will give your car a free tow and you a free ride back home just for calling.

That number is (855) 2 TOW 2 GO.

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