Tampa, Florida-- We have a Money Monday update involving the cash rolling into our local schools!

Last November,Ishowed you how I found almost $100,000 in unclaimed cash for our local school system, just sitting in a state account.

We had so much fun surprisingthree local principals with money earmarked for their schools that they didn't even know about, so we had to reach back out and find out just how they plan to spend their cash!

East Lake High School in Palm Harborsays they willspend it on school improvement projects; Booker High School is going to spend the money on a recognition program for honors students, andACT andSATprep program.

As for Alonso High School in Tampa, Principal Louie Diazsays the $3,000 they received will also go toward several student incentive programs, including a big celebration bash to reward high achieving students and those who show great potential.

"You can't do enough to show our respect and our appreciation for kids that come to school and do everything they can to do better for themselves- and in turn make Alonso a stronger and better school," he says.

Don't forget, we found all of this money in the state's unclaimed cash and property account!

Click here for step-by-step instructionson how to search the database for free!


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