Land O' Lakes, Florida -- A Lutz Radio Shack employee was arrested at his job Tuesday after an investigation allegedly revealed he sexually battered three young relatives.

Pasco County Sheriff's deputies say the investigation originally began involving one youngrelative of 25-year-old Michael Roberts. The two other victims are also relatives of Roberts.

The first victim told investigators that when she was about 8 years old Roberts forced her to perform oral sex on him and, in another incident, forced her to have sex with him. She reportedly said he would threaten her if she tried to resist or if she told anyone.

Another one of Roberts' alleged victims told investigators he lured her into an old motor home on the property and once inside, he exposed himself to her and forced her to perform oral sex on him. After it was over, she ran away and said she never told anyone because she was afraid of him and wanted to "forget about it," according to the arrest report.

She told authorities she avoided being alone with Roberts and tried to keep family around for years after the incident. She also said he would try to bribe her with things like cigarettes so she would do it again.

The third victim told investigators when she was 9 years old and was at Roberts' home spending the night with relatives when he called her into his bedroom as she was going to the bathroom.

She said he told her to take off her clothes and get into bed with him. When she did, he molested her. He then allegedly told her to get dressed and leave because if they got caught, he would get in trouble.

When Roberts was brought into custody, he refused to make any statements to investigators. He has been charged with 3 counts capital sexual battery.

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