Clearwater, Florida -- An autopsy performed on a dead infant found in front of a Clearwater Fire Rescue station on Friday shows the newborn was less than a day old.

Officials are still trying to find the person or persons who dropped off the child. They're also not sure if the baby was alive or dead when the newborn was left in front of the station.

The child, a girl, was found around 7:20 a.m. and could have been outside for several hours before she was discovered. Temperatures dropped into the 40's overnight.

If the person who left the infant at the station was trying to follow the state's Safe Haven law they did not follow through on what may be the most important requirement. The law says the child must be left with someone. Officials note the person dropping off the child under the law can still remain anonymous.

"Are we going to tell the police about this? No. Are we going to tell the hospital your name? No. Are we going to follow you? No we are not. The only way we're going to do that is if we suspect there's abuse and then we're obligated to do that," said Tampa Fire Rescue Spokesperson Debra Sue Warshefski,

Since Florida's Safe Haven Law was enacted in 2000, 188 infants have been dropped off at fire stations and hospitals around the state. But Nick Silverio, the founder of A Safe Haven for Newborns, says during that same time 51 newborns have been abandoned because the person leaving the child at a safe haven did not make sure the infant was handed over to a staff member.

Silverio says parents needing help or with questions about the law or other newborn issues can call 1-877-767-BABY.

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