St. Petersburg, Florida--Our latest Money Monday segment brought some very unexpected, and very big bundles of cash to a local hospital.

We love Money Mondays because we've helped schools, fire departments and families find unclaimed cash and property that's just sitting in the state's $1 billion unclaimed cash and property account.

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Many times, this money ends up in a state account because of address changes, typos, or even name changes- like in the case of the hospital.

Morton Plant Mease Hospital System's name change in 2005 could have contributed to confusion on where to send their checks...$32,000 worth of checks!

So when we found this information, we had to share the amazing news with them.

"Heather, thank you on behalf of the Baycare Morton Plant Mease Healthcare system, said Hospital Administrator Lou Galdieri. "Our patients and community thank you."

This is a reminder that individuals and businesses could have unclaimed cash, so don't forget to search your name, and that of your business!


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