St. Petersburg, Florida -- Detectives are still searching for several suspects in connection with the overnight shooting in St. Petersburg.

Investigators say it appears a victim of the shooting riding in the Nissan Altima was hit by stray gunfire exchanged between the limo driver and the occupants of the Chrysler 300. A passenger of the Chrysler 300 and two riding in the limo at the time were also shot.

Photos: Four shot overnight in St. Petersburg

St. Pete Police detectives say around 9 p.m., the driver of the leased limousine picked up and dropped off eight people at the Scene Night Club in downtown St. Pete. Later that morning, he picked them up and took them to a convenience store at 5th Avenue South and 34th Street. When they left, a Nissan Altima filled with friends of those in the limo followed behind.

After a couple blocks, the driver told detectives he noticed a Chrysler 300 and a silver Kia come up on each side of the limo in an attempt to slow or stop it. At that time, someone inside the Chrysler started shooting into the limo wounding 21-year-old Malik Wilson and 24-year-old Kendrick Haney.

The driver, who has a concealed weapons permit, then returned fire as he sped away.

Officers later found the Chrysler 300, which had been reported stolen, off the shoulder of the road in the 700 block of 28th Street South. Inside, they found a 17-year-old critically wounded. He was taken to a local hospital with life threatening injuries.

A handgun was also recovered from the Chrysler and detectives say they believe there was at least one other person in the car at the time of the shooting.

The silver Kia was never located.

While investigating the shooting, officers found out someone, later identified as 21-year-old Eugene Chambers, had been dropped off at All Children's Hospital by others in the Nissan Altima. When speaking with investigators, Chambers told them he was hit when the driver of the limo and those in the Chrysler opened fire as they followed behind. He is in stable condition and his bullet wound is not considered life threatening.

Investigators say they think the limo passengers were the target of a possible robbery after they reportedly flashed large sums of cash while at the convenience store catching the attention of the suspects in the Chrysler and Kia.

The limo driver will most likely not face criminal charges due to the fact he appeared to be acting in self defense.

As far as the bullet-ridden Nissan Maxima, detectives say, they found no connection between it and the shooting. However, the car was reported stolen out of Tampa and crack cocaine was found inside where it was abandonedat Queensboro Avenue South and 31st Street.

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