Tampa, Florida -- The sign outside a Tampa Internet café still flashes "OPEN", but perhaps not for long. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill Wednesday which outlaws the computers that mimic slot machines.

The arcade industry estimates about 13 to 15,000 people could now lose their jobs and at a news conference about job creation in the aviation industry the governor avoided talking about those losses.

"As you know, I think the House and the Senate did the right thing; they passed legislation that would outlaw illegal gaming," Scott said at an event in Lakeland.

Outside Tampa Bay Sweepstakes on Busch Boulevard, a bright green paper urging customers to call the Governor's office remains on the door. And just a block away at Busch Sweeps Cyber Café players expressed disappointment.

"It make me feel sad, because I won't have nowhere to go to enjoy," says 74-year-old Marrie Williams, who comes to the café every day.

Regulars say they come to Busch Sweeps for fun and to pass the time among friends.

"To me it's enjoyment," says Pam Jones. "I can't afford to go out to the casino. I can't. I can sit here and stick $20 in and play for three, four, five hours."

The manager at Busch Sweeps, Hank Braak, says the place might revert back to a bingo parlor, but even then three of the six employees might be out of a job. And shortly after the governor signed the bill on Wednesday afternoon, Braak locked the doors and started removing signs out front.

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