North Port, Florida - North Port in South Sarasota County has a strong Russian speaking community. They represent several countries such as Lithuania and Serbia. Many move there for the Warm Mineral Springs reminder of back home.

Instead of the warm water, the topic of conversation today has been the two Boston Bombing suspects. "I'm shocked," says Alla Bazukin, an immigrant from Kazakhstan.

Alla and her sisters fled 17 years ago for the US. "I love this country. I'm happy here I came here live here I am happy here it was difficult to live in Kazakhstan," says Alla. And Alla's sister Larisa Rachkovsky says, "To escape discrimination religious wise. We Christians lived in a Muslin country."

The sisters believe the Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dshokhar Tsarnaev immigrated for similar reasons, for freedom and education, and that makes their alleged actions harder to understand.

Natasha Barnar says, "I think it's a big disrespect to the country. You came here for help a better life and to do this shows disrespect to the country and the people."

Since February, Marina Orlova a former Soviet television reporter, has offered a weekly internet radio program for North Port's Russian-speaking population called "Good Evening North Port." They represent about 10 percent of the community

"I am trying to bring them all together in this American reality this big melting pot," says Marina.

Marina says the Boston bombing suspects, both from Chechnya, come from a violent and cruel environment. "They grew up without fear of death"

Knowing the culture, Orlova says these two brothers are easy targets for who really orchestrated the attacks.

"I don't think they would go against the United States of America, nor had any cause to go against the United States of America only money," says Orlova.

She adds, "I think society and the government need to look deeper into the situation they are just pawns just pawns in a huge game.

Both Tsarnaeva brothers moved away from Chechnya 10 years ago, and spent a good part of their youth in the US.

Orlova believes the investigators need to look deep. She says she believes the two brothers are pawns in huge game, and the question is "Who is calling the shots?"

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