ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- Connor and Heather Park have been skating for about five years and have gotten so good that, now, they compete together. The duo skated to Star Trek themed music on Saturday in the figure skating portion of the Sunshine State Games.

"It's a lot funner than by yourself," said 9-year-old Heather. "You are confident more."

The kids' confidence is contagious. They have gotten their mom, Kim, out on the ice with them now. Before she was just traveling to practices, making costumes, and watching from the bleachers at skating events. Now, she has her own pair of skates.

"Well, they kept asking me if I would get out there with them," she said. She eventually decided to give it a try.

Most of the time, whether it is in little league baseball or any other sport, the parents teach the kids. It's just the normal order of things.

But, not in the Park family.

"It's fun because usually the parents know more than they kids," said Heather. "We always had to hold her hand while she was doing it."

Kim wanted to improve so much that she started paying her kids for lessons.

"A dollar for a 15 minute lesson," she said with a chuckle.

It may have been a bargain to her, but it was priceless experience for the family. All those hours of practice helped lead Kim's debut competition paired with music in the Sunshine State Games.

She took the ice, nervously, with her kids watching her from the bleachers. She completed the spins and jumps that she'd practiced so diligently and finished her routine to a chorus of roars, led by her favorite coaches.

"It's very fun to see how far she came along and how much we helped her," said Connor.

And on Mother's Day weekend, you can't ask for more than that.

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