Valrico, Florida - A Valrico man has been ordered to stay away- at least 500 feet away from the neighbors he is accused of harassing.

"[We] don't go out front. We stopped using our pool and our lanai out back," said Nicole Carver.

A judge on Wednesday issued an injunction against John McDonough - forcing him to stay away from Carver and her family.

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Carver said since she hired a trapper to remove an alligator from a retention pond she shares with McDonough, and he has relentlessly harassed her and her family, including her husband, a military trainer, since.

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"My husband was stressed and couldn't continue to do what he needed to do overseas and contacted his command and they brought him home," she said.

Over the last few months, Carver said McDonough has been videotaping her children when they played outside, and even set up a camera that pointed towards the bathroom window.

But it didn't stop there.

A sign outside his home read, "In memory of Chris Kyle", an army sniper who was murdered by a fellow veteran back in February, and Carver said he used that to threaten her.

"He removed Chris Kyle's name from the sign and he said, 'Your name will be in there next.'"

Police could never arrest McDonough because he never committed a crime.

With the help of attorney Ingrid Hoolander, Carver filed an injunction against McDonough.

"From the corner of their house, to the corner of the McDonough house is 14 feet, so she effectively evicted him from his home," said Hoolander.

If McDonough violates the injunction he could be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.

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