Brooksville, Florida-- "They wanted drugs, and they decided they would do anything to get them," starts the Hernando County Sheriff's Office report of a weekend robbery.

The report continues with details of a plot, its execution, and later the arrests of the suspects behind a violent scheme.

According to deputies, 26-year-old Christopher Miser, 37-year-old Jason Tortora and the victim's own daughter, 28-year-old Doeminique Sylvester, all got together on Saturday to map out Doeminique's father's Sunday morning routine, and rob him.

Photos: See the suspects' mugshots here

After finalizing plans and staying at a friend's house Saturday night, officials say the three woke up and went after what they wanted.

Doeminique's dad, Rene Jimenez, was getting ready to carry out the first part of his regular routine. According to Doeminique, Jiminez's Sundays involve attending church, and then volunteering as a chaplain at the county's detention center.

According to the report, Miser and Tortora were parked down the road before Miser, dressed in dark clothing with a bandana over his face, walked to Jimenez's home on Lomita Wren Road and waited for Jimenez to walk out.

Jimenez started to church, and as planned, Miser reportedly ran up from behind him and struck him in the head with a black, semi-automatic style, metal, BB gun- a gun deputies say closely resembles a 45 caliber handgun.

And despite the fact the Jimenez fell to his knees, the report says Miser continued to strike him with the weapon, until Jimenez fought back and was able to remove the bandana used to conceal his identity.

Jimenez immediately recognized him as his daughter Doeminique's boyfriend, but a neighbor also witnessed the incident, and another resident watched as Tortora waited for Miser to run to the vehicle so they could make their getaway after the fight.

After authorities arrived to the scene and medical personnel took Jimenez to Bayonet Point Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries, deputies say they located all three suspects at a residence in Brookridge. The gun and the hoodie worn at the time of the crime were also recovered.

All three were arrested for their role in the armed robbery of Doeminique's dad. Specific charges are as follows:

Christopher Miser, 26:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Bond:$110,000

Jason Tortora, 37:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery
  • Bond: $100,000

Doeminique Sylvester, 28:

  • Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery
  • Bond: $50,000
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