OLDSMAR, Florida -- Cleanup crews worked quickly along Shore Drive East, where a waterspout came ashore on Monday evening. By Tuesday afternoon, the only signs of damage were an uprooted mailbox, a tarp resting on part of a roof, and the captivating videos and photos captured by neighbors.

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"I was so excited, I just wanted to see this thing," said David Necker, who recorded video on his cell phone before and after driving away from his house in case the waterspout caused significant damage. "I couldn't believe it. Fifteen years living here, and it's the first time I've ever seen anything so incredible."

"It had that ominous look to it," added John Bosker, who posted video clips on YouTube. "The skies got really dark and it looked like something out of a movie."

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Jeanne Condon came home 15 minutes after the waterspout dissipated. Looking at the fire trucks and ambulances in her driveway, she thought someone had a medical emergency.

"We weren't listening to the radio or anything. We had no idea," she said.

A couple of weeks ago, the shingles were removed from her roof in preparation for a new roof to be installed. She fears if those shingles were still there, the damage could have been worse.

She and others are thankful, though, that the damage wasn't worse and that no injuries were reported.

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