Bradenton, Florida- Outrageous and brazen is how Bradenton's Police Chief describes the crime.

The shooting happened at the beginning of the Pop Warner season. League organizers say it was an exciting for families that sadly, turned deadly and horrified hundreds of parents and kids.

"When those 9m go off, they echo three of them- boom, boom, boom- then people went screaming and hollering," recalled Joe Houston.

Houston lives across from the Dream Center, where he said gun shots woke him around 8 p.m., followed by a knock at the door. It was his two grandsons who ran over from the youth football practice for the Manatee Mustangs.

"The two kids were trying to get in, and said someone was trying to shoot a man down over there," said Houston.

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Bradenton police identifed that man as 39-year-old Brenton Coleman, Sr., who had just been at his son and daughter's practice for Pop Warner. Coleman's daughter is a cheerleader and his son is a football player.

Witnesses told police Coleman was standing in the parking lot, possibly holding a child, and was surrounded by hundreds of people- including kids- when two gunmen appeared wearing either t-shirts or masks.

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"He was apparently spotted by two assassins. They ran up to him and started shooting," explained Bradenton Police Chief Michael Radzilowski. "He ran and eventually, they caught up with him. He fell and they finished him up."

Houston described the scene as, "Pandimonium."

When police blocked the streets, Houston said his yard became the way out.

"People started running. The ladies were running from gunfire, hollering and screaming, pulling kids like a herd of cows through here," described Houston.

He said anyone who opens fire in a crowd with children is a "monster".

"You don't need to go to jail- you need to be shot too," he said.

Bradenton'spolice chief said it is clear Coleman was the target, but it's how and where the shooting occured that is so troubling.

"If this community is not outraged by this, we are in a sad state of affairs," said Chief Radzilowski.

The President of the Dream Center expressed that this community has had enough.

Carnegie and community leaders feel it is time to come together and help police find the gunmen, because this is as much a law enforcement problem as it is a community problem.

"We need to step up, let the folks in the community know who think this is ok behavior, it is not going to be tolerated anymore," saidCarnegie.

"These guys have no regard for anybody's life, especially kids out there,"Chief Radzilowski said.

Bradenton's Police Chief is now asking for the community's help.

"If you weren't there last night, by this morning you know who got shot, you know who did it and you know why they did it. We need that information."

Anyone with information in this case should call either the police department, or Crime Stoppers. You can always remain anonymous.

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