Mulberry, Florida -- Controversial Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones said he will burn copies of the Quran in Mulberry in September to mark the 12th anniversary of 9/11. He will burn nearly 3,000, one for each person who lost their life in the terror attacks.

Andhe will do so, despite opposition from the group "Not in Mulberry."

Jones is best known for his anti-Islam message, which included wanting to burn the Muslim holy book, the Quran. That act led to days of unrest in Afghanistan several years ago.

The "Not in Mulberry" group posted on its Facebook page that "Mulberry is a peaceful city and we intend on keeping it that way."

They add, "Mr. Jones may have a Constitutional right to free speech and that should be defended, however just because you have a right doesn't mean it IS right to take such actions. Regardless of his right to burn the Quran the residents of Mulberry feel Terry Jones should choose another city to make his statement."

10 News reached out to Jones through his organization "Stand Up America." He released this statement:

"Protesters of our 9/11 event, are people who are ignorant and uninformed of the devastating effect that Islam has had upon our world in the last 1400 years. Islam has a very clear history of oppressive human rights, violations against women, murder and rape of minorities as well as anyone who dares to speak out against Islam and its perverted leader Mohammed. Any intelligent person, after a short study of Islam, would not be involved in a protest, instead they would come, stand with us and speak out against the horrors of Islam."

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