Plant City, Florida -- UPDATE: The tenant, Ronnie Dale, was arrested and charged with possession of Methylamine which is a felony. His two children were reportedly taken into protective custody.


Five homes were evacuated along Charleston Avenue Tuesday evening after officials found potentially hazardous chemicals, and what they said could be explosive devices, inside a nearby home.

The home in question is at 4911 Pandora Place in Plant City.

"Several suspicious items were found and our bomb disposal team was dispatched out here shortly after 3 o'clock," said Colonel Jim Previtera of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms took samples of the chemicals, and after analysis determined the home is a clandestine drug lab possibly making meth and Molly, a pure form of the drug Ecstasy.

"What we believe we found here is a clandestine laboratory, a drug lab, and we have no reason to believe anything else. Right now, our detectives will continue this investigation and determine for sure what was going on in this house," said Previtera.

In addition to evacuating nearby homes, officials say they restricted vehicular traffic on Charleston Avenue from Turkey Creek Road to only those who live on Charleston.

The owner of the home, Kelly Doyle, told 10 News she was evicting relatives who lived there for 13 years but recently quit paying the rent. They have two children and were allegedly living in disturbing conditions.

"I tried helping them out, and they're making me out to be a wicked witch, like I'm trying to take their house, and it's nothing like that," said Doyle.

The renter of the home was taken away in cuffs. The children are reportedly with the Department of Children and Families.

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