The City of Sarasota is claiming that moving the homeless is safer for the city and is giving them two weeks to move out.


Sarasota, FL - Soaked by torrential rain and surrounded by strewn about possessions and pets, about 20 of the Sarasota homeless are gathered in an encampment near Gillespie Park.

Today is the deadline the evacuate, and move to a temporary shelter at the Salvation Army.

"They gave us 5 days notice. A week or 10 days would have been more better." Says one scruffy man, who stands beneath a leaking umbrella.

Going against the advice of a homeless consultant, the city of Sarasota decided to relocate the homeless from the encampment to the Salvation Army for 30 days.

It's a decision most homeless are against.

"There's a problem with the Salvation Army. It's dirty and dangerous." Says one man

Another, disagrees, but believes it's not the right place for everyone.

"It's not that it's unsafe, it's that some people have disabilities and laying on a mat just isn't comfortable...this allows me to be free."

Sarasota commissioners are giving homeless people more time to move from an encampment near Gillespie Park.

Tonight's commission meeting drew in dozens of community members, along with the homeless themselves.

After hours of discussion, a vote came down late in the night. The city will give those at the encampment 2 more weeks before needing to vacate. The city will in the meantime, once again discuss options with their homeless advisor.

It's a decision that pleases many of the homeless.

"I feel like they're listening" says a woman with short spikes hair.

She's pleased because she won't have to leave her fiancé of 10 years to be separated in gender-segregated housing at the Salvation Army.

"It'll certainly do. We were up at 5 packing up. It's like packing up a house."

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