TURNER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Thanks to technology, elementary and middle school students in the Turner area are getting a first hand look at the work scientists are doing to explore the ocean floor.

Teacher Cindy Duguay from RSU 52 held a virtual class for students across the district Wednesday, as she took part in the Nautilus Exploration Program. She's one of 47 educators and students chosen for the program. Scientists aboard the Nautilus are researching the ocean floor around Puerto Rico,hoping to make discoveries in geology, biology, history, archaeology and chemistry.

Duguay told students she can't wait to show her students in person what she learned -- and the students agree.

8th grader Chloe Veilleux said, "It was really cool to see her out on the ship because I know she was really excited about it, so to see her out there was really cool."

"Realizing that one of your teachers that you've been with for a couple years is actually in a really cool place doing what she likes is easy to pay attention to," said 8th grader Alex Tedesco.

You can go online and ask questions of those aboard the Nautilus, too by going to and click on the "participate" tab.

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