PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Downtown Portland bars are likely on high alert for underage drinkers after several failed a recent compliance check.

21 Reasons teamed up with Portland Police to conduct 12 compliance checks, using an underage volunteer to attempt to get into a bar and buy alcohol. Six of those businesses failed, allowing the volunteer in and serving them. Portland's Nightlife Oversight Committee, which is an association of bar owners and managers, has committed to addressing the problem. They will work with police and 21 Reasons to educate all of the city's bars about best practices.

Visiting with those bars, making sure management's on the same page, supporting them in supervising the staff, and just really making sure that the staff know what the message is, what the expectations are, what the culture is that we're trying to create down there.

Last month, nearly thirty percent of retail stores checked failed a similar compliance test. Many of those stores are now working on underage drinking awareness campaigns.

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