Plant City, Florida - Four victims are being mourned today after a wrong-way, head-on crash that happened Thursday night.

It happened on State Road 60 in Plant City, near Clarence Gordon Jr. Road just after midnight. What's left at the road now is torn up grass; evidence of where four people lost their lives.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say 31-year-old Rolando Silva was speeding when he lost control, crossed the median and then hit a car going the opposite direction.

Joseph Vizcarrondo, Jenna Kelly and Lauren Phillips were killed. South Florida State College Athletic Director Rick Hitt says Phillips was the pitcher on the school's softball team, "I have met Lauren, I have spoken with Lauren, cheered for Lauren. A fun loving kid, smile, jovial approach with teammates. A fun to be around, enjoyable to be around, always had a kind word to say."

On the phone in his own kind words, and even a moment with no words, he spoke volumes about her, "To be honest with you ... student athletes at this school ... they are very important to all of us. An outstanding young person unfortunately gone too early."

The victims' families did not want to comment.

Silva's family was also gathered in mourning and they send their condolences to the other families.

Officials say this is a teaching moment as all four people were not wearing their seat belts in the crash.

Silva's license was revoked and the driver of the other car, Vizcorrondo, had a suspended license at the time of the accident.

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