Pasco County, Florida – The Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney's Office released new evidence in the case against movie theater shooting suspect, Curtis Reeves.

Among the evidence released are phone calls between Reeves and his family taken from the Land 'O Lake jail.

In one call, the 71-year-old expressed concern for his family's financial future.

Curtis Reeves: "If we need money sell the motorcycle. The motorcycle, the motorcycle carrier, the kayak, the trailer and anything.

Jennifer Shaw (daughter): "We have all of that under control. We're not even going to talk about it, don't waste your time."

There is also photo evidence taken by investigators from inside the movie theater shortly after the shooting which shows the gun Reeves used and casing from the bullet that ultimately killed Oulson.

Pictures of a cell phone that Reeves apparently thinks Oulson threw at him, is also among the evidence.

Curtis Reeves: "When all the facts come out, we all should be in good shape.

Shaw: "I know, but we just hate that you have to be in there right now."

On January 13, Reeves' and Oulson got into an argument because Oulson was texting during the preview portion the movie "Lone Survivor". They got into an altercation and the retired Tampa Police Captain shot Oulson, whom he claims attacked him.

But there is also an audio recording between detectives and Reeves' wife Vivian that does not support the claim he was hit in the face.

Detective: "Did you see him get hit in the face?"

Vivian Reeves: "No, I didn't."

In yet another call, Reeves does face the reality that he likely won't be a free man anytime soon.

Reeves: "If it need me you'll all plan on me not being there. So you plan whatever you have to do to make your life easy, ok? My life will be easier if your (lives are).


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