St. Petersburg, Florida -- It's the newest addition to the Bay area's burgeoning craft beer scene. On its first weekend with doors open, brewer Jon McCraken says his St. Petersburg Brewing Company, after a year of delays, is finally part of the St. Pete community.

"I think people just got tired of drinking their Bud Lights and their Miller Lights and wanted something with a little more flavor," he said.

St. Pete Brewing is in good company. It's the one of five different breweries that have opened up in St. Petersburg in the past year, part of a multi-billion dollar industry nationwide that's experiencing a local boom.

There are more than 15 craft breweries listed by Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater's website, and that's only on the west side of the Bay.

As for the customers? "You're supporting the community, you're supporting good beer that you can't find anywhere else," said craft brew enthusiast Brandon.

And customers are why craft breweries sold $14.3 billion worth of beer nationwide last year, according to the Brewer's Association.

And it's why five breweries can tap into the market in one city.

"It's a place where people who love beer come in here," said St. Petersburg Brewing Co. owner Tom Williams. "I really feel like we could become part of the fabric and experience of St. Petersburg."

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