Tampa, Florida -- In the past month, pharmacies have become the target for robbers.

In Palm Harbor a woman was attacked and knocked to the ground in broad daylight, after picking up her prescription drugs outside the Trust Pharmacy.

Now pharmacists are making sure customers and staff stay safe.

Pharmacist Shah knows first hand the dangers of his job as he was victim to a pharmacy robbery four years ago.

"He had a gun and said, 'gimme,gimme'," says Shah. "I was kind of like, what's happening? Because there was two of them," adds Shah.

Shah says after he was held up at gun point he realized he needed to make things safer for him and his staff. He made some changes like adding bulletproof glass, put up bars around all of his windows and added surveillance cameras.

"We can see cars and where they are coming from," says Shah.

But the surveillance video from the pharmacy in Palm Harbor proves that pharmacists aren't the only ones that need to be safe.

Surveillance video captures a man attacking a woman for her drugs outside of a pharmacy in Palm Harbor on April 8.

"We've been cracking down on pill mills so availability is a lot tighter. So you know, what's a better place than a prescription watering hole," says Larry McKinnon with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

McKinnon says there's ways customers can protect themselves.

"Try to go during daylight hours and check your surroundings," says McKinnon.

For Shah, he says his only worry isn't getting a prescription right, it's making sure the right people are coming through the door.

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