Bradenton, Florida - A veterinarian allegedly used a date rape drug -- common in minor cat surgeries -- on a dog during major surgery. Now, that doctor is charged with a felony.

It's the third arrest this week associated with the Napier Horse and Animal Sanctuary. It calls itself a non profit, no-kill rescue, but authorities say lately more harm than good has been happening there.

On Thursday, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office said Alan and Sheeri Napier were arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a three-month long investigation.

"I saw a lot of police cars and wondered what was going on there," said witness Elizabeth Greenwhool.

And deputies say it's not the first time neighbors have seen such police activity here. In February, hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and other animals were confiscated from the property.

Now, authorities say Dr. Edward Dunham, the veterinarian at the shelter, is in trouble for causing unnecessary pain to a dog. He used Ketamine, which is supposed to be used with another sedative. Deputies say it gives little to no pain relief for a dog. DEA says its street name is "Special K" -- a known date rape drug.

"For the most part, vets are concerned about animals. Not too often do you hear about one who doesn't want to help or neglects his duty to help," said neighbor Steve Harris.

The investigation is ongoing. Manatee County commissioners are looking into Manatee Animal Services after they handed over animals to Napier, despite previous warnings from Hillsborough County about the horrible conditions.

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