Two people were injured during the shooting outside the Choice Food Store.


St. Petersburg, Florida -- St. Petersburg Police are investigating a robbery which ended in a shooting in south St. Petersburg.

According to St. Petersburg police, a lone man drove his vehicle into the alley at that location and asked for directions. Another man approached the car and initially offered to assist him. At some point, police say he was joined by two other men armed with handguns who attempted to rob the driver. They say it's not yet clear if the man offering to help and the two suspects were acting together.

The driver allegedly resisted and, at some point, was shot in the left arm by one of the suspects. The man who had agreed to help him was also wounded in the left leg. Police say it's not known if there was a second shot or if the same bullet that struck the driver passed through his arm and struck the second man in the leg.

After the shooting, police say the two armed suspects fled the area, while the wounded driver drove to the Choice Store on 5th Avenue South and was found by police. The man wounded in the leg was reportedly found at 3rd Avenue South and 37th Street. Their injuries are not considered life threatening.

The two armed suspects were described as both being black males, 20-30 years of age, approximately 6 feet tall. Police say one had twist dreads on top of his head.

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