Carrollwood Day School also confirmed that they conducted a private financial audit and say there was no financial impropriety with school funds as it relates to Darrin Campbell.


Tampa, Florida -- The day school where Darrin Campbell was treasurer is holding a private memorial for the Campbell family.

Darrin Campbell and his family lived in a rented mansion in the Avila community. On Wednesday, May 7, Campbell shot his wife and children each in the head before turning the gun on himself and setting the house on fire using gasoline and fireworks.

While investigators try understand Darrin Campbell's motives, Carrollwood Day School, where Darrin Campbell was treasurer, confirms that they conducted a private financial audit (separate from anything the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office investigation) and they say there was no financial impropriety with school funds as it relates to Darrin Campbell.

VIDEO: Avila murder-suicide: No issues at school

On Tuesday, the Carrollwood Day School where the father, Darrin Campbell was the treasurer, said they could not find any financial improprieties at the school.

Meanwhile, the Hillsborough Co Sheriff's Office will not comment on any portion of the financial forensic investigation as they track Darrin Campbell's financial history.

PIO for the day school, Erma Ruffkes, adds, " This is an incredibly sad time for the Carrollwood Day School community, and we may never completely understand the motivation behind this terrible tragedy."

"As speculation naturally occurs, we have no indication there has been any financial impropriety as it relates to our school. There are extensive checks and balances and protocols in place to ensure the security of all school bank accounts and accounting/financial records. A complete independent financial audit of the school is conducted by a professional accounting firm on an annual basis."

"Preliminary plans are underway for the school to host a private memorial tribute. We are hopeful the media will allow our students and families to continue their private mourning time."

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