St. Petersburg, Florida -- As we honor and remember those who lost their lives fighting for our country on this Memorial Day, many are fighting for our veterans, pushing for better care at VA hospitals around the country.

Unfortunately, the anthem for World War II vet Irving Zeider is one of sorrow, lately.

"I am the only living man still alive in my division," says Zeider. This 98-year-old entered the war at 22, and says it's the comrades he lost in the war and those since that brought him to Bay Pines National Cemetery for Memorial Day.

"There's lots of people who died, lots of flags," notes Air Force veteran John Pauwles, who says Memorial Day is always an emotional one. "A lot of people have lost their lives, and I want to be a part of it."

But for some veterans, what hurts more are the deaths being investigated at VA hospitals around the country, due to delayed care for veterans in need.

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"Hopefully, it will get better," says Pauwles.

Now many legislators have spoken out about the firing of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki; Governor Rick Scott most recently added support to that growing chorus. On Monday U.S. Representative David Jolly says he's not ready to support the firing, but does say things need to be cleaned up.

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