Winter Haven, FL— Research shows that more and more women are finding success as entrepreneurs.

According to Census Bureau figures between the years 1997 and 2014 the number of women-owned businesses rose by 68%.

That is twice the growth rate for businesses owned by men.

Women are starting an estimated 1,288 companies each day, a trend two local moms have followed.

After several years of success in corporate America Lisa Anne Kleine and Amy Bonini took a break to care of their children and later started a company called Uber Mom and created The Wipebox.

The Wipebox is a jazzed up container that stores your wipes in style.

"We've got things that are very baby like the princess crown and then we have things that are well suited for a teenager and for boys with a baseball bag that sort of thing so there's a little something for everyone," said Bonini.

The women initially sold a few thousand wipeboxes when Uber Mom started in 2012 but they're now on track to fulfill orders well into the hundred thousand range, more than double last year's business all of this while still raising a family.

"Because there's two of us we can balance our time really well. I know that when she needs to clean her floors she's got to clean her floors." Said Bonini.

Kleine admits it was her husband who came up with the name Uber Mom that has a special meaning.

"Uber mom a woman that goes over and above and beyond for her family," said Kleine.

For these Mom-prenures it was a natural instinct to want to help other moms.

These "Uber Moms" hope their success with inspire others.

"We as women put pressures on ourselves to be everything and sometimes you just have to embrace your strengths and go in that direction," said Kleine.

The wipebox starts at around $5 and comes in a variety of different sizes, style and designs suited for all ages.

They are available online at http://www.ubermom.co/ as was as in Buy Buy Baby stores around the country.

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