A new St. Pete Beach restaurant is offering customers a way to track where the fish they eat comes from in the Gulf.


Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida – Since the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010 and reports of mislabeled fish sold to customers, efforts have been underway to keep diners informed of what they are eating.

With a giant aquarium as a backdrop, Guy Harvey's Rumfish Grill is offering something that may grab the attention from customers, too.

It is taking part Gulf Wild program, which allows customers to track where the fish they eat comes from.

It starts with a unique tag number that is attached to each fish caught by fisherman in the Gulf Wild program. Using a tracking number, customers can look up where their Red Snapper and Gulf Red Grouper, and Tilefish came from.

Customers have the option of using an iPad that is brought to their table by staff or using their own smartphone to type in the tracking number while the fish is being prepared.

A new St. Pete Beach restaurant is offering customers a way to track where the fish they eat comes from in the Gulf.

"You type in the tag and our zip code and after you do that, you got the fisherman, you have the name of the boat and then further down you have the coordinate area of where that fish was caught," said Aaron Radman, manager of guy Harvey's Rumfish Grill.

According to Gulf Wild, all fish goes through testing beyond federal regulations before ever reaching a customer's plate.

"They test it for heavy metals and toxins so we know that the fish that we get and our customers are going to eat the best fresh fish that's out there," said Justin Harry, executive chef at the TradeWinds Resort, which is part of the Guy Harvey's Rumfish Grill.

According to conservationist group, Oceana, 38% of fish in the State of Florida was mislabeled, but Gulf Wild said they would cut down of the ongoing problem.

"The unique Gulf Wild tagging system helps to clearly identify substitutions of lower-value fish or product harvested from other than where the label declares," reads a statement on the company's website.

Because of the additional testing, there is a slight increase is cost for the fish sold though the Gulf Wild program, but the heads of Guy Harvey's Rumfish Grill says the extra information is what customers are seeking.

"People really do care what they're ingesting… what they're putting in their bodies and now we can find out where it's from rest assured that it's clean," said Harry.

The program has been around for more than two years at the TradeWinds Resort, and adopted when it partnered with the Guy Harvey Rumfish Grill.

If you would like to track a fish, head over to the Gulf Wild website and type in tracking number GSA1161862 and then any zip code, to see how it works.

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