The Hillsborough County School District is looking into allegations that Durant High School players were assaulted at a team football camp in Melbourne, an incident sources said was hazing.

Dozens of the Durant players boarded a bus in Plant City Friday for a four-day optional training camp held on the Florida Institute of Technology college campus in Melbourne.

It's what happened after they left the field in Melbourne that has landed one player in trouble and other teammates as the target of some sort of attack.

The Hillsborough district said that the students had been staying in the dorms and one night after camp a player "misbehaved." his actions are still under investigation by campus security.

Two sources said it was hazing that rose to the level of sexual assault. One of the sources at the camp heard a commotion and said a junior was groping players.

Hillsborough school officials are checkign a report that Durant football players were assaulted at a camp.

The school district said Coach Mike Gottman was at the camp and reported the incident to FIT campus security when he heard about it.

Gottman was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

One source tells us the student apologized to the team and was sent home.

The district says the coach called the parents of the players involved and those who saw what happened.

The Hillsborough school district is letting FIT security investigate before it considers any possible punishment. But, that could result in the player being suspended from school or the team.

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