St. Petersburg, Florida – A local group has issued a warning to parents following the death of a teenager, who passed away after consuming power caffeine powder.

"It's legal so you'd assume it can't be too harmful, but individuals are sent to the hospital all the time for caffeine overdose," said Molly Jacobson with LiveFree! Coalition of Pinellas.

Logan Stiner of Ohio who died after taking a lethal amount of pure powered caffeine in late May.

"Wrestling was pretty much Logan's whole life besides his family, friends and girlfriend, you know, academics. He shed blood sweat and tears in the wrestling room and I was watched and I was there with him," said friend Jacob Worthington.

An autopsy found that the 18-year-old high school wrestler, prom king and top 5 senior had 23 times the amount of caffeine of a typical coffee or soda drinker.

"The problem is with this power caffeine is that one teaspoon is equivalent to about 25 to 30 times the recommended dose of what a normal person should take," said Dr. Jeet Paul Saran, with The Health Associates of Tampa.

Recently, the Food and Drug administration issued a warning about the dangers of pure caffeine powder.

"The FDA is warning about powdered pure caffeine being marketed directly to consumers, and recommends avoiding these products. In particular, FDA is concerned about powdered pure caffeine sold in bulk bags over the Internet," according to the agency's website.

"We want to ensure that this is not an issue in Pinellas County that we do not have of one of our own neighbors," Jacobson said.

Doctors consider caffeine a drug, yet it remains unregulated because it is LAO considered at supplement so it is not subject to strict federal regulations.

The FDA is investigating caffeine powder and will "consider taking regulatory action."

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