Hillsborough County, Florida --Gallons of water are being flushed into the C.W. Bill Young regional reservoir in the southern part of the county after being dry for 2 years while repairs were made.

10 Investigates has been following just how much money is being spent on this project.

Tampa Bay Water claimed that construction company HDR did sub par work which lea to the problems. The agency took its issues to court but lost having to pay $21 million in legal fees and $129 million to fix the reservoir.

The task isn't easy though -- it takes 15.5 billion gallons of water to fill the reservoir.

Now the reservoir is being filled up again so it can serve its purpose.

This move alone has helped Tampa Bay Water move forward, explained Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Carden.

"We got a jury verdict that we didn't agree with, but we moved on," said Carden. "Our main focus has been on the renovation of the reservoir."

The task isn't easy though -- it takes15.5 billion gallons of water to fill the reservoir.

General manager Matt Jordan said that he's confident in the new repairs.

"I believe we've addressed the concerns and yes we're confident to fill the reservoir up and start using it," said Jordan.

If everything goes as planned Tampa Bay Water plans to have the reservoir filled by Spring 2015.

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