Tampa, Florida -- Tampa Police have arrested a man seen trying to steal a baby from a mother at a local park.

It was a collaborative effort between the police, owners of the park, Tampa Palms, and neighborhood residents using social media. It came down to police work though in the end.

On Monday afternoon around 1:00, a mother was at the Hampton Park with her children.

Surveillance cameras captured a man sitting on a bench then walking up to her and lunging at her baby.

"He approached her and she kept backing away from him," said the Tampa Palms Community Director JoAnn Conrad. "You can watch him here sitting down for a couple minutes, and then he sees her with the baby and tries to grab the baby -- that's what it looks like."

The woman screamed and a security guard heard her and came running.

"The man said to her after she screamed, 'You will have to do more than that,'" explained Conrad.

Then, as the security guard came running, the guy ran off but it was to late, the surveillance cameras caught it all.

"We watched the video and showed police and they shared the information with the media and we shared it on our Tampa Palms Facebook Page, that's when residents really started to react and share," Conrad said.

Conrad believes it was the social media efforts that helped raised the community awareness to be on the lookout.

"I was confident with that clear image of him and how quickly we got it uploaded that police would catch him," said Conrad.

The man has been Baker Acted for 72 hours, according to police. They will not release his name until the he is charged.

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