ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) - St. Petersburg Police have determined what happened to the dead pit bull that was found inside a suitcase floating in a canal.

Someone who works near the canal spotted the blue hard shell suitcase on Wednesday evening and opened it. The gray and black female dog was inside.

The dog belonged to a mentally disabled couple, Samuel Orsini and Gina Glass. Orsini was walking the dog a couple of days ago when it got loose. Beloved ran across 4th Street and was hit by a white vehicle.

The distraught couple contacted the SPCA and were told the dog was dead and that it would cost $55 for the SPCA to take custody of the dead animal.

The couple instead attempted to bury the dog on the property of the apartment complex, but the landlord refused and told them to place the dead dog in a dumpster. The couple did not want to put Beloved in a dumpster and decided to submerge the dog in the "lake" that they said was Beloved's favorite's spot.

Gina Glass placed the dog in garbage bags and then in a blue suitcase. They had found the blue suitcase in a dumpster of their apartment complex. GINA partially filled the suitcase with water in an attempt to submerge the dead animal.

SPCA is doing a necropsy to confirm this information.

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