Hillsborough County, Florida -- A man is demanding answers after a Hillsborough County Corrections Officer allegedly pointed a gun at him during a road rage incident and the response by the department was less than helpful.

He says he waited for hours while deputies allowed the gunman to roam free. Is this a case of deputies protecting their own?

"Look at his mug shot you still see rage," Arthur Langley says, referring to the mug shot of 54-year-old Reginald Migues the man who admitted to pointing a loaded gun in Langley's face.

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Langley says Migues' wife was more helpful than deputies. "His wife stepped in and saved my life," said Langley. Langley says if it had been left up to deputies, he might not be here telling us what happened, "I stayed on the phone with dispatch for 25 minutes. Only one sheriff came, no lights on, sat in his vehicle for 5 minutes."

The HCSO spokesperson Larry McKinnon says the initial response time was actually 18 minutes, but admittedly still too slow, "Sure we would've liked to get there quicker."'

Langley says he sat in his car, terrified, while the Migues did as he pleased. "They never put handcuffs on him, never got the gun. It was an hour after they got there, they got the gun."

HCSO had a different take on things and says, "The gun was seized immediately finding out he was a detention deputy - at anytime, he wasn't freely walking around - any of those insertions are false."

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Both Langley and the department agree that it was four hours before Internal Affairs investigators finally followed-up with Migues. The sheriff's office won't apologize for the time the victim had to wait because a thorough investigation takes time. "Because we wanted to make sure there was no illusion of special treatment - we called in internal affairs."

However, Langley says there was special treatment in the courtroom after Migues was able walk after bonding out for $2,000, "Still nervous, still. Still don't know, and this guy is out."

Officials say that's the standard bond amount for a 3rd degree felony. "He is given the standard bond like any other citizen. This was a road rage incident, got out of hand, he let the incident get the best of him and now he will pay the consequences."

Migues was expected to be fire, but he resigned.

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