The device was on the pump for a few weeks, and the number of victims could be close to 100.


Bradenton Beach, Florida -- Dozens of customers are potential victims of a skimming device that was on a gas pump for weeks at a Circle K/Shell gas station in Bradenton Beach.

"It looks like a little piece of electronic tape, actually" says Bradenton Detective Lenard Diaz, holding a photo of a small strip of gray.

For two to three weeks, this tiny device attached to the card reader of one of the station's two pumps stole credit and debit card information from dozens of customers. That's only the ones who complained.

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"If it's in for a day, you can get 30 to 100 customer numbers," says Diaz.

This Shell station, at 2513 Gulf Drive North, joins a list of Shell stations hit by skimmer scammers. In the past few months, this includes stations in Sarasota, St. Petersburg and Largo. Hess stations have been targeted as well in Holiday and Brooksville.

Many drivers in the Tampa Bay area have fallen victim to the skimmers.

While Shell tells us customers can look for tamper-evident tape on pumps, using cash can also keep customers safe.

Diaz says which pump you pick could prevent fraud as well.

Law enforcement fears up to a 100 drivers could be victims of a gas statikon skimmer in Bradenton Beach.

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"It's usually the outside lanes that are compromised, because those are so out of sight and you can get a large vehicle to block the views. It only takes three to five minutes to load these things in," he said.

10 News reached out to other gas station chains, such as BP and Exxon Mobil, asking what security measures they are taking to protect customers, but they did not respond.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection, suggest if you see a skimmer or suspect tampering, to call their help line, at 1-800-HELP-FLA, or go to this website. Consumers should also contact your credit card company as soon as a breach is suspected.

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